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Since 2012, in the heart of France, Zephalto develops with the French space agency (CNES) a unique and highly technological know-how: Céleste, a balloon capable of taking passengers into the stratosphere for a flight unlimited in duration. An unforgettable experience in unprecedented comfort and safety.

At the origin of this know-how, Zephalto developed two breakthrough innovations: the altitude regulator and the reusable envelope. Thanks to these technological advances, Céleste’s flight has a zero-carbon footprint, runs on solar energy, and can be reused indefinitely.

They also ensure increased safety and comfort conditions that make flying accessible to people of all ages and all physical conditions.

A safe and reliable balloon for the stratosphere

Céleste, le ballon de Zephalto

The carrier balloon

Lighter than air, it has a lifting capacity of up to 2.5 tons. Zephalto develops a reusable and environment friendly envelope.

The altitude regulator

This is Zephalto's flagship innovation, a breakthrough in flight experience: it provides access to the stratosphere in unique comfort conditions, and a totally safe landing process.

The Pressurized Vessel

Outstanding, designed by French creators, the vessel provides total comfort and silence to observe the Earth and space. Its 5G connection allows you to share the wonder live!


Designed and manufactured in Occitania

Established since 2012 in the village of Le Pouget, in the heart of France, Zephalto is part of a long French aeronautical tradition. We are part of a strong ecosystem of local partners of excellence: global experts in extreme conditions, French designers, for a French-style flight that combines our tradition of refinement and our cutting-edge know-how. 

A Environmentally Friendly Flight

The balloon moves by inserting into high-altitude air stream. It moves upwards and downwards to choose the stream going in the right direction using a regulator that works only on solar energy.

Reusable Technologies

Each element of the balloon is designed to be reusable. A major technological advance, the envelope is not torn upon landing: it releases its gas and is then reused for the next flights. This reduces the cost and impact of accessing the stratosphere.


The Zephalto engineers all have a strong aerospace background. Complying to the strict demands of European regulation, they are developing a stratospheric balloon with one priority in mind: passenger safety.

Our innovations

The altitude regulator makes it possible to control the ascent and descent of the balloon, thus offering a more comfortable experience, a more stable flight and a redundancy of the safety systems. 

Our partners

The balloon was designed with the world leaders in aviation and space safety, and authorized by the DGAC (Directorate General for Civil Aviation) and the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).

Human onboard

Since the beginnings of Zephalto, in order to guarantee a maximum level of safety, all our balloons have been designed to fly with pilots on board.

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The CNES Joins The Adventure

World leader in stratospheric balloon security systems, the French space agency (CNES) transfers its expertise to Zephalto since 2012 to foster its development.

First Successes Of The Odyssey Prototype

After 6 years of research and established partnerships, the first Odyssey balloon carried out two test flights in the 2018 summer, leading to the registration of the patent of our altitude regulator, designed and manufactured by Zephalto.

The New Flight of the Odyssey prototype

Following the successes of the test flight campaign in 2018, Zephalto launched its new campaign, equipping Odyssey with a lighter, reusable carrier balloon, tested on the ground in June 2020 and certified for the next flights.

Space for All

In 2021, Odyssey will operate several scientific and experimental test flights in 5 to 20 km altitude (3 to 12 miles), in conditions close to those of Space, to carry out unprecedented experiments.

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First Passengers To The Stratosphere

The year 2024 marks the first cruises bringing passengers to the stratosphere to contemplate the sun among the stars.



The innovations developed by Zephalto are a major breakthrough in the field of space tourism. They have many other scientific and technical applications:






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