Zephalto ballon


Since 2016, in the heart of Hérault, in Occitanie, Zephalto has been developing a unique and highly technological know-how with CNES: Céleste, a balloon capable of taking voyagers into the stratosphere for an unlimited flight time and an unforgettable experience in unprecedented comfort and safety.

This know-how is the result of two major technological innovations in the world of balloons: the altitude regulator and the reusable envelope. Thanks to these technological advancements, Céleste is completely eco-friendly, runs on solar energy and can be reused indefinitely.

These innovations also ensure increased safety and quality comfort conditions that make flying accessible to every age and physical condition.


The pressurized cabin

Zephalto’s excellent technologies allow the cabin to provide absolute comfort and silence to observe the Earth and space. Its high-speed connection allows you to share the wonder live!

The carrier balloon

Lighter than air, it can lift up to 2.5 tonnes. 

The altitude regulator

This is Zephalto's proudest innovation, which revolutionizes the flight experience: it provides access to the stratosphere in an unparalleled comfort and a safe landing.


Our innovations

The regulator makes it possible to control the ascent and descent of the balloon, and thus offer a more comfortable experience, a more stable flight, and a redundancy of the safety systems.

Ours partners

The balloon was designed with absolute world leaders in aviation and space safety, and authorized by the DGAC (Direction Générale de l'Aviation Civile) and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).

Manned flights

Since the beginning of Zephalto, in order to guarantee a maximum level of safety, all our balloons are designed to fly with pilots on board.

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