Carbon-free journey towards future

The Earth like you have never seen before

Zeph Exalto offers to its passengers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity : a cruise in a balloon at 80,000 feet among the stars, with a breathtaking view, the Earth’s curvature, immersed in the darkness of Space. Step aboard a spaceship made by the finest french craftmanship and become a pioneer of a new continent, the stratosphere. Make one of your biggest dreams come true..

The longest flight in history, 30 days without any fuel or stop

Zeph Endless Flight is a brand new kind of balloon: the first manned aircraft designed to fly continuously. By exclusively using solar energy, Zeph Endless Flight leaves no trace in the atmosphere and opens the way for new data collection in many scientific fields. In 2020, Zeph Endless Flight will conduct the longest flight in history: carried by winds, two pilots will fly nonstop for 30 days in an extraordinary human adventure.