The Zephalto capsule is designed and built with the comfort of passengers in mind with an exceptional interior to allows them to discover an infinite landscape: the curvature of the Earth, the stars, and the Sun.

By freeing themselves from all light pollution, they will be able to experience the essence of space.



The pressurized capsule has been designed with the expertise of French designers so that passengers can marvel at the breathtaking panorama before their eyes in refined comfort.

Zephalto will do everything possible to enhance this extraordinary experience: tasting of dishes prepared by Michelin-starred chefs and taking photos that can be shared live thanks to the high-speed Wi-Fi connection among other exceptional services.


From such an altitude, voyagers will be able to discover the "Overview Effect". This is the name given to the transforming experience described by astronauts who have already had the opportunity to observe our planet from space.

The experience they undergo is that of beholding our Earth from a new angle. The term suggests an unforgettable emotion that would only exist at this altitude.


A pre-sale costs between €1,000 and €5,000 depending on the option chosen (and corresponds to a reservation for one person).
The total price of a flight is €120,000 per person (the price of the presale is deducted).This price includes the flight but also all the associated exceptional services, such as reception or preparation: you will not have to pay anything more!

In addition to the assurance of being able to make a flight, pre-booking gives access to a tailor-made accompaniment offered to each traveler, ask for yours!
The capsule has a total capacity of 8 people: 6 travelers and 2 pilots will be present on each flight.
It is possible to embark with several people and share the experience together. To do so, two options are available.

– Reserve the entire capsule (on request).

– Reserve one or more seats: we will adapt to your wishes.

Traveling aboard Le Céleste does not require any particular condition.​
The trips are accessible to people of all ages and without any particular physical condition.
Likewise, no training is required, apart from the preparation planned 2 days beforehand by Zephalto.
When the Zephalto stratospheric balloon reaches its peak altitude – 25 km above the earth – you will be able to observe the earth as never before:

The trip takes place in daylight, but you will be immersed in the darkness of star-pierced space, the endless abyss of the universe surrounds the capsule. These conditions allow an unparalleled observation of the curvature of the earth, a panorama of 1,400 km.

You will have the chance to experience what is called the “overview effect”, which astronauts refer to as an experience that transforms you (seeing the earth from space induces a change in your conception, your vision of the world will change).
Safety is an absolute priority for us and is at the heart of our concerns! – The infrastructures are tested several times beforehand: many flights with pilots and crew have already been carried out.
– The technology used is that of our historical partner, the CNES, which has been sending balloons into the stratosphere for over 60 years.
– All aviation safety standards are applied: the balloon will have the same EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) certifications as a commercial airliner


Charles Beigbeder comes aboard the European Newspace

With his joint-stock company Geodesic, which would later become an FCPI fund, the entrepreneur-investor has already invested in three newspace companies:
Share my space
, Hybrid Propulsion
and Zephalto with its stratospheric balloon dedicated to space travel.


The Zephalto balloon will fly to the stars from 2024 and the journey will cost 120 000 € per person.

Book now your flight with a €5 000 presale.

22 flights already booked

The experience of a lifetime is still available in 2025.

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